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This project does not solely focus on the 1967 Boston riots. At times, it expands to a national scope so that students will understand the larger significance of this movement among Black Americans. Please read the Methodology section to learn more about the framework that influenced this project. All lesson plans are designed to engage students through inquiry-based discussions and hands-on activities. Some lessons feature a section that teaches students to create a digital tool. The lessons can be used as either in-class group activities or independent assignments. They are geared towards high school students (primarily in the upper levels) and require a basic understanding of American race relations and the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.

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Each lesson plan has a corresponding guide for educators that includes: learning objectives, necessary resources for students to complete the lesson, and curriculum standards met in each lesson. All educator guides can be found in this section. For a list of recommended readings on urban rebellions or social movements in Boston, please visit this page. It also features resources that influenced this project.